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  • CDEC

    The team underwent a renaissance after the first International, rebuilding under the leadership of xiao8 with promising rookie Sylar, moves which allowed them to once again regain their position as a premier Chinese team.

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  • HGT

    Formerly an amateur team, HyperGloryTeam beefed up their roster with veteran players Gong "ZSMJ" Jian and Peng "Icy" Weng.

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  • iG

    There are only four teams in the whole world that have their names engraved onto the Aegis of Champions.

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  • LAI Gaming

    Although LAI Gaming may have flown under the radar of many western fans, they've had quite the impact in the Chinese scene.

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  • LGD.TaoBao

    LGD began as SMM 2009 champions, For The Dream, and were an ever-present force in the Chinese scene as LGD's famed ZSMJ clashed with BurNIng's EHOME.

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  • Lv Gaming

    LV Gaming is a collaboration between two of China’s biggest Dota 2 organizations; LGD and Vici Gaming.

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  • Team DK

    Once the shining light of Chinese Dota 2 and the home of living legends Lanm and Burning, after The International 2014, Team DK made the surprise move of releasing their legendary squad and replacing them with a relatively untested group of professional newcomers.

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  • TongFu

    After turning heads with a surprise fourth place finish at The International 3, the men of TongFu found themselves in high demand on the Chinese Dota 2 circuit––carry Hao and support Banana joining Invictus Gaming, and offlaner KingJ was traded to RisingStars.

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