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Liu Jiajun

Once the hot-shot new kid on the block, filling the shoes of legendary carries of the byegone WarCraft III age, Sylar has blossomed into one of Dota 2's most consistent carry players.

He made his splash with LGD at TI2, anchoring the squad to a perfect group stage that ended in a third place finish, and though LGD's results in 2013 were less than stellar, Sylar remained a name that carried respect. After the third International, the roster shuffle left Sylar initially on the upstart squad RisingStars, before he was traded to Vici Gaming a few months later. This Vici squad took the Dota world by storm and finished high at a number of premier events, culminating in a second place at TI4. Now, Sylar's back where he started alongside his old teammate Yao. Capable of both being aggressive when it counts and standing back to farm for the late game, Sylar is now one of China's most decorated veteran carries looking to finally grab that International he craves. It starts here, at the HyperX D2L.

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