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Greetings and salutations, Dota fans!

It's great to be back, and even better to finally be able to bring you the full details of D2L Season 5!

Fans of the D2L will be pleased to see we haven't much departed from what made our 4th season the most exciting and successful season to date.

Features similar to last year include

  • A field composed of 16 teams from all around the globe, divided into two eight-team divisions based on their geographic location.
  • A full round-robin, all best-of-three format which guarantees that the D2L will remain the most deeply competitive and well rounded event in existence, from group stage to grand finals.
  • A return of our bubble race playoff system, which was immensely popular with our viewership both for the novelty it offered, as well as the drama of a win-or-go-home scenario taking place in every round.
  • An excellent in-game ticket package featuring the gorgeous legendary item, Cosmic Reliquary, as well as access to between 120 and 200 of the best games of Dota 2.
  • free to attend four-team LAN final which will feature the best 4 of those 16 teams going toe to toe in the heart of Sin City, all amidst the pageantry and excitement of the world's premier electronics trade show, CES 2015 on January 5th and 6th.

But, as always, there were ways in which we wanted to improve to better sharpen our product and viewing experience for everyone.

To that end, tweaks to our format and administration this season include

  • Expanded cooperative effort to avoid overlaps with other events, such as Starladder, D2CL, Dreamhack, and various other Chinese organizers.
  • Ultra-condensed regular season format to deliver our content not only on a time-table which makes sense for us and our viewers, but which allows teams more flexibility to participate in other tournaments and events around the world.
  • More space and production support for our LAN finals in Vegas, which will now accommodate more live spectators and, if all goes to plan, have plenty of merch for purchase by all those in attendance.

And as always, we'll be doing everything we can to deliver a top quality production with striking audio, dazzling video and graphics, and a stable and consistent stream.

This fifth season of D2L, just like all of those before it, could not and would not be possible without the generous and tireless support from the best community in eSports. Thank you all for allowing us to be here, and we hope this season lives up to your expectations and delivers the viewing experience you all deserve.

See you in the stream... and in Vegas!

Essential Info

  • 16 teams from across the world.
  • $50,000 base prize pool, another $50,000 in travel funds for teams
  • Four team, double elimination LAN Finals at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada - January 5th and 6th
  • Admission to LAN Finals will be FREE for all in attendance on a first come, first serve basis
  • Ticket bundle to include the new Faceless Void weapon, Cosmic Reliquary
  • Prizepool increase of 25% from all ticket sales

Western Division:

  • Evil Geniuses
  • Alliance
  • Team Secret
  • Team Empire
  • Cloud 9
  • Na'Vi.US
  • Team Empire
  • Virtus Pro.Polar

Eastern Division:

  • Newbee
  • Invictus Gaming
  • HyperGloryTeam
  • LAI Gaming
  • LGD.TaoBao
  • LV Gaming
  • TongFu

Prize Pool Breakdown:

  • 1st Place: $25,000 + 20% prizepool increase
  • 2nd Place: $15,000 + 15%
  • 3rd Place: $7,500 + 12.5%
  • 4th Place: $2,500 + 12.5%
  • Eastern Bubble Race Finals Loser: 10%
  • Western Bubble Race Finals Loser: 10%
  • Remaining Bubble Race Losers: 5% each

Divisional Play Format:

  • Two Divisions, East and West
  • Sixteen teams, eight per division
  • Divisional round robin - each team plays each other team once, all Bo3
  • Top finisher in each division qualifies directly to Vegas
  • 2nd-5th place finishers go to bubble race playoff

Bubble Race Playoff Format:

  • One playoff per division
  • All Bo3 with Bo5 final
  • Playoff opens with divisions 5th place finisher vs 4th place finisher, winner faces 3rd place, and etc.
  • Each division's playoff winner joins the division's 1st place finisher in Vegas

LAN Finals Information:

Stream Information:

In-Game Ticket Information:

  • Price: $9.99 (Pending Valve approval)
  • Includes: Faceless Void weapon - Cosmic Reliquary
  • 25% of all ticket sales go to prizepool
  • Will provide 62 regular season and playoff best of three matches, 5 best of three matches from Las Vegas, as well as the best of five Grand Finals
  • Will provide between 130 and 200 individual games

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