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Clinton Loomis

Known (and respected) as "Old Man DotA," Clinton "Fear" Loomis has had near unrivaled presence in the competitive scene since 2006.

A veritable fixture in the Western DotA scene, Fear combines a terrifying mix of raw talent and honed experience to dominate in any situation. His versatility making him one of the fiercest competitors in the world. Despite not serving as EG's mid player, Fear took the FistfulofTangoes 1v1 tournament against some of the West's best mids such as s4, Korok, and Singsing. Fear will switch off with zai, allowing him to terrorize other teams with his stellar support play with blink stunners such as Sand King and Nyx Assassin. However Fear returns to serve primarily as EG's hard carry, a role in which Fear earned a new generation of fans after annihilating the entirety of Na'Vi with a single cleave of his sword during DreamHack Winter 2012.

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