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Peter Dager

Captain of the new EG squad, Peter "ppd" Dager is a proficient hard support player and excellent shot caller.

However, ppd's true value lies in his status as the self-proclaimed Goblak 2.0. ppd has quickly become one of the most innovative and resourceful drafters in a new era of DotA. Utilizing the flexibility of the EG roster to its fullest potential by placing Fear on carry Dazzle or zai on a roaming support position Ursa, ppd's drafts may raise some eyebrows. But ppd doesn't push EG to the bleeding edge of drafting just for the sake of innovation. The results speak for themselves. At his first Dota 2 LAN, he promised "A lot of Midas, a lot of farm, and a lot of wins" from EG and the ride hasn't stopped since.

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