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Jacky Mao

Jacky "EternalEnVy" Mao's underdog story is one of the most memorable in all Dota.

A former top tier Heroes of Newerth player, EnVy first entered the Dota collective conscience with a post on Team Liquid declaring his intent to drop everything to become a pro. Most told him to give it up. A year later, EnVy and his team, No Tidehunter, were DreamHack champions. That victory was bittersweet for the rising star, as he was soon removed from that squad as they transitioned into the original Alliance team. Left all alone, EnVy nonetheless pushed onward, finding himself on a small European team named Kaipi. Together with teammates bOne7 and PieLieDie, EnVy helped elevate that previously unknown squad into a real contender. Garnering a massive fan following right away, Kaipi - then sponsored by Speed Gaming - was voted in by fans to join an MLG Columbus event they were originally left out of. And they won the whole thing, setting off a career that soon led to a sponsorship by Cloud 9 and eventually, a top 6 finish at TI4.

Known for his unconventional choice in carries and items, favoring lesser-appreciated heroes like Clinkz and preferring to maximize mobility with Blink Dagger whenever possible, EnVy carries his team not by having the highest CS or the best KDA, but by creating the most space for his teammates however possible. Here in the D2L, it's time for "EE-sama" to show no mercy once more.

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