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Pittner Armand

No one builds a hero quite like Pittner "bOne7" Armand.

Not content with the usual routes, bOne7 is perhaps best known for always breaking out of the box with builds like a Midas into Shiva's on Dark Seer or three Null Talismans into a Blademail on Nature's Prophet. After joining Kaipi shortly before EternalEnVy, bOne7 has been a rock of consistency for the squad - always able to make plays when it counted most, whether on Clockwerk, Batrider, Dark Seer, or his dedicated courier sniper Prophet. Unfortunately, despite his incredible skill visa issues forced bOne7 to miss Cloud 9's only major tournament victory at MLG Columbus. After a series of 2nd places and heartbreaking losses, bOne7's looking to get a gold for himself here at the D2L.

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