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Johan Åström

There are unselfish supports, and there are martyrs. Johan "Pieliedie" Åström certainly earns the "die" in his name, sacrificing his net worth and his life for his team again and again to secure their safety.

With Aui_2000 gobbling up the jungle, it's not uncommon to see Pieliedie an order of magnitude behind the rest of his team's net worth. But when you've got playmaking ability like his, who needs money? Whether it's hitting a five-man ice blast on Ancient Apparition or shackling the team's carries together on Windranger, Pieliedie makes "something" out of "nothing" better than nearly anyone else in the world. One of the original Kaipi members, he and his team have come a long way from stomping the online cup scene. It's time to see how far they can go.

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